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Welcome to Inzara Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

We were No.1 Breeders in S.A and No. 2 in Australia for 2012. (D.O.L Point score)
No 2 in S.A and Australia (D.O.L Point score 2016)

Brad and Myself live out in Lewiston which is North of Adelaide on a 2 acre property, so our dogs have plenty of room to run around and we live in the Animal Husbandry Area Zone, so this is why we can have so many of our beautiful dogs.
Not all councils allow you to have more than 2 dogs without a special permit. 

We purchased our first Ridgeback *Brock* in 1997 and would never look back. It was a year later we found our first show girl *Keysha* from Ravvar Kennels and Leah showed her to her Champion Title and has been hooked on this sport ever since. Keysha was our foundation Bitch of Inzara.

Our prefix Inzara came from a mixture of our first two Ridgebacks names and Inzara Means HUNGER. A once now long respected Judge told me, I have a hunger for good dogs!

To date we have now bred 12 Conformation Champions, 3, Tracking Champions and 2, Neuter champions, Track and Search Champions and also now Track and Search GRAND Champions. You will see all these dogs owned by us and others on our website. Its great to see the versatility and how our dogs can work, as this is what they were originally bred for......

Whilst we have taken a step back from showing we have had great success with Multi In Groups, In Show wins under all Breeds Judges, International, Specialty and National Level, we also like to get our dogs out to social events to show their great temperaments and promote this wonderful breed. Plenty of beach walks with other breeder friends.
We also completed our first Endurance test in 2015 with our Jagger and Jlo, this test shows the real stamina of our breed. Having to run beside us whilst riding our bikes for 20 km, with a vet check prior during and after, followed by a basic obedience.

Both Brad and I work full time. Brad and I have been on executive positions for  The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of S.A. and the Hound Club of S.A, but due to work commitments have had to step down for now.

We have also owned and shown Basset Hounds, Leah also handles Irish Wolfhounds (Glenfels) Bred by Sarah Baker in Adelaide,with great success winning Multi Best In Show /Specialty BIS awards and has handled at times, Afghans, Basenjis, Salukis and Whippets.

Below is a pic of Leah with "Delta" Inzara Look Before You Leap and her dad "Jagger" Ch. Inzara And It Goes Like This ET

We hope you enjoy our site and please feel free to drop us a line or two.